• What is Nextstep?

    Nextstep is a Catholic discipleship guide that leads you step-by-step to solidify your belief, mature your discipleship, and launch you into mission.

  • Who is Nextstep for?

    Nextstep is for two groups of people: individuals seeking to grow closer to God, and leaders seeking to help others grow.

  • How will Nextstep help individuals?

    Nextstep guides you to grow closer to God one step at a time. Each course revolves around one action step to be completed in a two week period, highlighted on the included Nextstep card. Daily encouragement and instruction accompany each step.

  • How will Nextstep help leaders?

    Become a Guide provides direction and one-on-one discussion guides for every step. This area of Nextstep will give you confidence in leading conversations on fundamental practices of faith with your friends.

  • How much time will Nextstep take?

    Each step is designed to be completed in 2 weeks or less. More specifically, the time needed to complete each step will vary depending on the action. For example, Pray Every Day has you committing to praying 10 minutes daily, but Be Reconciled instructs you to go receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In addition to the time it takes to do the step in real life, plan to log in to Nextsep online for about 5 minutes every day for extra encouragement and instruction.

  • How much does Nextstep cost?

    Nextstep online is completely free. Give it a try and let us know what you think! We value your feedback.

  • Is there a Nextstep book?

    Yes! There are two books: Nextstep Volume 1 and Nextstep Volume 2. The books and online content cover similar topics. Visit www.evangelicalcatholic.org/materials to purchase.

  • When was Nextstep created?

    Nextstep has been under development since 2017. We've gone through several rounds of testing and content revisions to bring you the current version, which we published in January 2020.

  • Who created Nextstep?

    The Evangelical Catholic created Nextstep to help you grow in the heart and habits of discipleship, and help you lead others to that same growth. The Evangelical Catholic is a nonprofit based in Madison, Wisconsin that specializes in Catholic ministry consulting and evangelization training. We have been forming missionary disciples since the early 1990s. Visit our website (www.evangelicalcatholic.org) to find out more.