Pray with Your Kids

Invite God into your home.

Raising faithful kids can seem like a daunting task, but you can help them experience God through simple family prayer. You don’t need to be an expert to invite God into your home. This step helps you get started with ideas and stories from other parents that you can adapt to fit your family.
Two girls praying with dad

Lead them to Jesus

You don't have to be the expert.

Praying together gives your kids the tools they need to connect with God every day. As you build a prayer routine, your family will get used to talking to God. Give your kids a habit that will last a lifetime, simply by spending time together in prayer.
Girl and mom praying

Pray as a Family

Take the Step

Your primary goal for this step is to make a family prayer plan and try it out over a two week period. The Nextstep Card gives you everything you need to do the step. Sign up to download!
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Daily Encouragement

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    • Pray as a Family

    • What Is Nextstep?

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    • About the Speakers

    • Gratitude and Acknowledgments

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    Week 1

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    • Why Pray as a Family?

    • Your Prayer Life as a Parent

    • Nextsteps to Nurture Your Own Prayer Life

    • Jason: Choose Your Ideals Carefully

    • Some Resources for Praying with Kids

    • Just Do It (Consitently)

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    Week 2

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    • The Rhythm of Family Prayer

    • Jason: One Way for Family Night Prayer

    • Danielle: Growing Into It

    • Andre: Using Music to Enhance Family Prayer

    • Danielle: Teaching Young Ones to Pray

    • James: Prayer for Parents

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    Beyond this Step

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    • A Morning Offering (Sung)

    • Meal Prayer (Sung)

    • Night Prayer (Sung)

    • Choose Your Next Step