For your child to know and love Jesus.

Your goal as a Christian parent:

How do you help your children become Catholic disciples of Jesus? How do you even begin, and how do you know if you’re “doing it right”? No one has all the answers and there is no one right way, but we can discover guidance and insight from prayer and from other parents. In Guide Your Kids, find tips, encouragement, and practical ideas from real, imperfect Christian parents.

Let God guide you as you guide them.

Be a witness.

Create a firm foundation for your family life by strengthening your own practice of discipleship. Cultivate strong relationships with your kids and share with them your loving witness in word, prayer, and action.

Guide Your Kids

This course is an introduction to the Nextstep Family Pathway.

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    Start Here

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    • Welcome to Guide Your Kids

    • What Is Nextstep and the Family Pathway?

    • "What You Are Undertaking"

    • What Does it Take?

    • (Ordinary) Parents are Primary

    • How This Course Is Structured

    • An Encouraging Word to Parents

    • About the Speakers

    • Gratitude and Acknowledgments

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    A Firm Foundation

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    • Beginning with the End in Mind

    • What Do You Want Most for Your Child?

    • A Scriptural Prayer

    • Getting Real: The Grind of Parenting

    • How Does Parenting Affect Your Relationship with God?

    • A Glimpse of the Father's Love

    • Learning from a Child

    • Surrendering Our Plans

    • Praying for and over our Children

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    A Culture of Relationship

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    • The Relational Foundation

    • Having Fun

    • Tell Your Stories of Faith

    • What's Your Story?

    • Know Your Kids

    • Not Too Busy

    • Affection & Discipline

    • One-on-One Time: Grace

    • One-on-One Time: James

  • 04

    Choose Your Family's Nextstep

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    • Look Back

    • Choose Your Nextstep