Everyone Needs Healing

We all have sinned.

No one likes reflecting on their sins, but everyone falls sometimes, or messes up and needs to be restored. In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, our merciful God runs to you and embraces you with forgiveness and love. Use this step for two weeks of guidance and encouragement to make the most of this encounter.

Trust in God's Mercy

It's ok to be nervous.

Most people feel nervous when they think of going to confession. Sometimes people don't even know where to begin when approaching this sacrament. Even if it's been forever since the last time you went to confession, this step will guide you. Sign up for tips on scheduling your confession, how to prepare, and what to do when you get there. 

Be Reconciled

Take the Nextstep

Your primary goal for this step is to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation within a two week period. The Nextstep Card gives you everything you need to do the step. Sign up to download!
Begin Step

Daily Encouragement

Instruction, Guidance, and

  • 01

    Week 1

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    • Introducing the Step: Be Reconciled

    • View the Step: Be Reconciled

    • EC Staff: Why Go to Confession?

    • Andrea's Story

    • Peter: 3 Tips for Confession

    • What Is Sin?

    • Degrees of Sin

    • Regular Confession

  • 02

    Week 2

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    • The Dividing Line

    • Pray with Scripture

    • Examine Your Conscience

    • The Horizontal Dimension

    • Kendra: A Definition of Mercy

    • It Is Jesus Himself Who Absolves

    • Kendra: It's Okay to Be Nervous!

  • 03

    Bonus Material

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    • Making a Good Confession (Fr. Mike Schmitz)