Unlock Your Faith

The good news is the key.

Christianity is vast. There’s the Bible, over 2000 years of history and teaching, and what everyone in the world is saying about it. Anyone can get lost and wonder what it’s really about. Returning to the core message reveals a basic understanding of the whole story. The good news speaks to your heart, reinvigorates your faith, and connects with your life.

Re-center on Jesus

Hear the good news proclaimed to you.

There are many ways to present the good news. In this step we invite you to reflect on six words: you are good and loved, broken and restored, transformed and sent. You’ll also study Romans 5-8 to go deeper, and the videos will expand on these themes. Sign up to re-focus on core truths and renew your belief.

Believe in the Good News

Take the Nextstep

Your primary goal for this step is to learn and pray with the good news, then respond with an act of faith when you’re ready. The Nextstep card gives you everything you need to do the step. Sign up to download or purchase!

Daily Encouragement

Instruction, Guidance, and

  • 01

    Start Here

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    • Believe in the Good News

    • What Is Nextstep?

    • View or Download the Nextstep Card

    • Print the Nextstep Card

    • Order the Nextstep Card

    • Discussion Guide

    • Nextstep in Spanish

    • Gratitude and Acknowledgements

  • 02

    Week 1

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    • What's the Good News?

    • Many Ways to Say It

    • Pray with the Good News

    • Andre: The Gap

    • Pray with Eucharistic Prayer IV

    • Josh: You are Made for Greatness

    • Jason: Jesus Gives Us Hope

    • Andre: God of the Galaxies

    • Jason: What is Sin?

    • Peter: Immersed in the Sacraments

  • 03

    Week 2

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    • Jason on Romans 1-4: The One Work

    • Introducing Romans 5-8

    • Kendra on Romans 5: From Suffering to Hope

    • Josh on Romans 6: Can a Dead Person Sin?

    • Jason on Romans 7: Good Intentions

    • Romans 8: The Spirit of Adoption

    • Peter on Romans 8: God's Help in Prayer

    • Jason: The Essential Role of the Church

    • Respond to the Good News

    • St. Paul's Good News Prayers

  • 04

    Beyond This Step

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    • Deeper Exploration

    • Only Through Jesus?

    • Choose Your Next Step